Monday, 7 May 2018

Hedgehogs and spiders and parrots, oh my!

Last Friday 1C was fortunate to have Mike's Critters come to the class with some of his many-legged friends. The students were engrossed and very brave in touching many of the animals! This visit ties in to our Science curriculum and this term's focus on the needs of living things, and how their environments meet their needs.

Fair warning: there is a large, hairy, eight-legged creature in some of these pictures!

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Yom Ha'atzma'ut celebrations

We had a fantastic time last Thursday celebrating the 70th anniversary of the creation of the state of Israel! Student donned their blue and white clothes and participated in a full day of activities. Lots of fun and learning was had by all.

 At a cafe in Tel Aviv:

 Helping out with an archaeological dig:

Notes for next week:
  • The quiz for spelling list 23 will be this week. Please continue practicing with your child.
  • There is no school this Friday, April 27. 
  • Please let me know if you need the schedule for Nifty News sent again. The list is also posted on our classroom door for you and your child to check. The students who have presented so far have done a phenomenal job! I look forward to hearing more.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Welcome to Term 3!

I am so excited that Term 3 is about to start! We have so many fun learning experiences planned for the term, including Mike's Critters, a special beading workshop, a trip to a dairy farm, and all the Judaic events that will be taking place at school. It's a very busy term with something new happening almost every week!

A few quick notes about our first week back:

- There will not be a spelling test this week.
- We are having a beading workshop on Friday, April 13.
- If you kept it, please send back the large Ziplock bag that brought home your child's work at the end of last term.
- Please update your child's orange Home Reading log so they can collect the beads that I'm sure they earned for their reading over the break.

During the last two weeks of Term 2 the students engaged in a STEM activity related to our unit on Matter. They were tasked with designing and then building either a boat or a house. Our success criteria for a house ("how we know it's a good house") was that the structure must be sturdy and not collapse. Our success criteria for a boat was that it floated. Student had to plan which materials to use and list a few materials that would have been inappropriate for their chosen project. Next was the fun part - building and decorating their houses and boats! Finally, we tested the boats to see if they floated and discussed which aspects of their designs were successful and any improvements that could have been made.